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Hello, welcome to Her Little Trinkets. I’m Oliva Hope and I’ll be your host today. We have a wide variety of jewelry such as earrings and necklaces, we also have selections of purse and accessories. Please take a look at our store and if you have any question or need help with an item, I will be right here to assist.

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nature love people flowers

May is here and Spring is definitely in full swing. So much to celebrate its going to be mayhem.

May I show you my beauty? For it far outweighs all the pearls and diamonds . Mother’s Day will give you a chance to express your gratitude for all the sacrifices she makes. Then the showers of rain will come to bring new life in this Spring season, as we show our gardens much love.

woman carrying baby at beach during sunset

Who can understand the heart of a mother? Her love flows unyielding like a river. Giving daily for the protection of her child. Her feelings continually complied. There is no sacrifice that is too great. Her arms of love a child awaits.

gratitude message for nurses with red hearts

May 12, 2021 is International Nurses Day. On May 6th, Americans will honor the contributions nurses make to make our world better on National Nurses Day. Nurses go above and beyond to ensure our speedy recovery. Lets honor them in the best way we can.