Golden Touch

photo of confetti on person s hand

Written By: Oliva Hope

The human fascination with all things golden as been established from the beginning of time. People have abandoned their families, lifestyle and duties in search of the “gold”. We have heard numerous stories of the love of gold that ended well for some and not so much for other. Take for instance King Midas, he had a good like access to riches, a nice castle and beautiful daughter. But, we know that was not enough for him. He wanted everything to be golden and thus his wish was granted. In the end, he saw the danger and relinquished his claim to the “golden touch”. Explorers, Raiders, Kings, Queens, Pirates, Scientist have all searched for the gold.

Today it is not quite as hectic as times past, we can now readily run to the store, or better yet shop online to find the perfect piece to match our skin tone, physique or outfit. Whether we want it to antique or shiny, unique piece or a collection. We don’t need to have the “golden touch” as King Midas. Gold is everywhere and here to stay!

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  1. Hi, Olivia
    I really enjoyed your piece on the “Golden Touch”

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