The Dream…

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From the Serengeti of Tanzania to the Great Plains of the United States at the setting of the sun, there is not a more glorious sight demonstrating just how majestic this world can be. With the stars all aligned in the night sky giving a shimmery gleam of the Earth’s silhouette, all these perfectly placed backdrops will make sleeping and dreaming so peaceful. But that’s not the dream I’m talking about. It’s the dream of one man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., an American Baptist minister and activist, once had a very profound dream. His dream was that all citizens regardless of the color of their skin, gender, political view point, orientation, religion, education or economic status, should all be treated with equality. If you ask me, that was quite the dream. This one dream, of justice and equality for all birthed a movement that is talked about and written in history as one of the greatest movements in modern times. The Civil Rights Movement, still lives on today as men and women of all races have joined hands and hearts in keeping the dream of seeing equality for all alive.

Fulfilling a dream, doesn’t take a lot of compassion and kindness. The vision and hope of a better tomorrow does not have to become “just another dream”, it can still be manifested but we all need do our part. Find a neighbor or friend that is in need, a shelter who needs volunteers, the man or woman on the corner who needs a coat or just a bottle of water. Its the small things that we do that will all add up to ensure that the THE DREAM is fulfilled.

What have you dreamt of doing?

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